There is documentation! There is gobs of documentation. When in doubt read the manual pages. There are manual pages for all the programs and manual pages for all the files and directories that you may be curious about. The manual pages are the reference documentation for the software and should always be trusted when in conflict with other documentation (such as these HTML documents). Of course there is also source code for everything, but this should (hopefully) not be needed. A useful introduction to the client applications is given in hylafax(1). If you want to learn how the server and spooling system work, look first at hylafax(4F).

There are several mailing lists for users of the HylaFAX software, consult the next section for an easy way to join the appropriate one(s).

Finally, the following ancillary materials are part of this site:

The following materials are available elsewhere:
HylaFAX mailing lists and how to submit bug reports HylaFAX table of contents

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