It is easy to setup a simple mail to fax gateway facility with the tools included in this distribution and some simple additions to your mail delivery agent configuration.
  1. Setup the HylaFAX software as usual.
  2. If your system uses sendmail to deliver mail, then follow the instructions in faxmail/ (Thanks to Eric Allman for the sendmail configuration hack.)
  3. If your system uses smail (e.g. Linux users), then follow the instructions in faxmail/
  4. If your system uses qmail to deliver mail, then follow the instructions in faxmail/
  5. Restart your mail software, refreeze your configuration or whatever is necessary to cause the configuration changes to be seen by the system.
Voila! Now mail to user@dest.fax will get formatted and submitted as a facsimile job to user at the specified dest.

Mail submitted through this gateway can include header lines in the envelope that control the various aspects of the transmission. For example, to have the facsimile sent at 196 lines/inch the header line:

would be used. Headers exist not only to control aspects of the transmission but also the formatting work that is done in preparing the mail text for transmission; consult the faxmail(1) manual page for complete information.

NOTE: The normal access control mechansims on submitting a facsimile for transmission are enforced; you may need to use them if you setup a fax gateway on your system!

Dirk Husemann has contributed a more elaborate system; the README file is accessible in the user contributed software area on the master FTP server.

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