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* Mirror of both website at and of file depository at or are available.

Contributed Software

You can find many of the contributions from HylaFAX users in the contrib subdirectory of the main FTP site :

Legend :
* Copy of the software can be found on the main ftp site.
* Available only from the author's home pages.

HylaFAX Client programs:
* faxfrontend by Glenn Burkhardt
A Qt based fax client intended for use with the CUPS printing system.
It can also be used stand alone on systems without CUPS.
Available from
* whfc by Ulrich Eckhardt
is a 32-bit fax client for Windows 95/98/2000 and NT 4.0.
Homepage is at
Latest stable version is 1.2.1.
* Cypheus by Bodo Noering
An actively supported HylaFAX client for Windows 95/98/NT4 which uses an impressive GUI.
* HylaFSP by iFAX Solutions
A simple, user-friendly client for faxing from Windows 2000/XP. HylaFSP plugs directly into Microsoft's own 'fax services' and includes support for coverpages (via Microsoft's coverpage editor), local and shared contacts, and generates high-quality TIFF output for great looking faxes.
Homepage is at
* gnu.hylafax by Joe Phillips new
A Java package implementing the HylaFAX client/server protocol Developers can use this package as a base for their Java HylaFAX client programs. Includes source code and a jar file.
Homepage and code available from
* MacHylafax for Mac OS X by new
An easy to use HylaFAX client for Mac OS X which integrates neatly with the Apple address book. Also supports faxing directly from applications via the print dialog. See
* Khylafax by Jeremy Lublin
The new Unix client program working under the
K Desktop Environment. The homepage is
Current version is 0.3.1; but there is also a patch to add some more functionality such as client/server protocol to remote fax servers.
* susefax by Carsten Hoeger
is a java client to HylaFAX, and is part of the SuSE Linux distribution. Available are binary and source rpm packages, as well as a support problems page.
* winflex by Pete Bentley Updated by Laine Stump
is a 16-bit fax client for the Windows 3.11 platform, but note it uses the old protocol. Version 0.3c is available at the old homepage at Version 0.4Beta can be found in the main ftp site contrib/winflex directory.

Please note that the fax clients that are part of the standard Windows OS are not compatible with HylaFAX.

* macflex by Rob Newberry
is a fax client for the Apple Macintosh, to be found at
* SDfax by Secure Design
is a new fax client for the Mac OS, which claims to be able to send fax messages via email, TPC.INT and HylaFAX, see
* tkhylafax by Andy Moskoff
is a popular Unix/X11 tcl/tk interface to HylaFAX (screenshot).
Get it at
* Respond / PrintFax by Horst F
Fax from Windows via a Samba share using a perl script called PrintFax. Respond is a Windows program written in Delphi (source is available) used to find the phone number from the user.
Originally meant to work with mgetty+sendfax, but PrintFax can now work with HylaFAX. See
* JHylaFax by Steffen Pingel
A platform independent Java client licensed under the GPL featuring a Swing user interface. Homepage is
* w2hfax by Harald Holzer
A new 32bit fax client for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 released under the GNU GPL-Licence. The latest beta is 0.1.3, there is no stable version yet. Homepage is
* smbfax by Craig Kelly new
A perl package which allows Samba users to print to HylaFAX daemon without the need for any Win32 client software (it uses a combination of the Windows print system and email).
Homepage and code available from
* GFax by George Farris new
GFax is a GNOME client that uses HylaFAX.
* HylaFAXSender new
HylaFAXSender is a Java client popular on Mac OS X.
* AdiXein HFC new
adiXein HFC is a utility that works with (Horst F: in conjunction with mgetty+sendfax or HylaFAX to provide printing from Windows via a samba printer share. It is a drop-in replacement for RESPOND (Horst F: that integrates smoothly with your Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Web Based Fax Services:
* HylaFAX module for Webmin by Roberto Tecchio 29 Apr 2005 new
A Webmin module to administer HylaFAX from any any place on the net, with any OS and any browser. See
* Hermes fax by Open It S.r.l. 14 Jun 2002 new
Web-based and written entirely in Perl, is requires only a javascript enabled browser and, of course, HylaFAX. See
* Faxserver Lars by foobar GmbH 15 Apr 2002 new
A web based front end for sending and receiving faxes. Included are services such as archiving, forwarding and other processing of faxes. See;sw;lars;&lang=en
* html2fax.tgz by Richard Morris 06 Jun 1996
Web based fax gateway (outbound), requiring Perl. It consists of the example HTML page, index.html, and the cgi script necessary to run it, faxout.cgi. Download(3Kb).
* fax-gw.tar.Z by Mark Cooper 9 Dec 1996
fax-gw is an HTML to HylaFAX gateway written in C, for outbound faxes. A sample HTML form is included as are binaries for SunOS4 and SunOS5. Download(3Kb).
* by Phil Abercrombie 19 Sep 1997
Implements a web interface to querying a HylaFAX server, in a manner similar to faxstat. Written in Perl. Download(3Kb).
* webview.tar.gz by Uli Eckhardt October 1997
Webview displays faxes via the web and allows users to delete faxes (all users which have access to the page). It requires a running web server on the fax-host and the pnm/pmm conversion utilities. Download(4Kb).
* hyla-ntfaxkit.tar.gz by Richard Kail 25 Apr 1998
How to use a Netscape browser to create a NT Workstation hylafax client. Download(31Kb).
* web-hylafax-gw-1.0.tar.gz by Nic Tjirkalli 19 Dec 1998
This is a simple, quickly hacked together web (HTML) interface for sending faxes and checking the status of an already configured and running Hylafax server. Download(22Kb).
* Html2Phax by Didier Legein
A webclient to HylaFAX for a PHP enabled Apache webserver. Last update 1-Dec-99 to version 0.0.3. See

Fax Viewer programs:
* acdsee
is a Windows graphics program capable of displaying the TIFF/F files.
Most software archives, such as should stock it.
* Irfanview32 by Irfan Skiljan
is another Windows viewer, available in English and German versions. See Free for non-commercial use, this viewer is capable of handling multipage tiffs. Latest version is 3.0 (398Kb zipped file).
* tiffview by Terry Haddock
is another fax viewer for Windows. Can be used as a helper program for Netscape. Homepage is at It has been mentioned that it can handle 2-D encoded tiff G3 format images, but fails with the aspect ratio on fine resolution faxes.
* Tiffsurfer by Visionshape, Inc.
Multi-page tiff viewer plug-in for Netscape or Microsoft Explorer running under Windows '95, '98 or NT. There are free and shareware versions from
* AlternaTIFF by Medical Informatics Engineering.
Free tiff viewer plug-in for Netscape, Microsoft Explorer or Opera (v3.51 or higher) running under Windows '95, '98 or NT. See
* Imaging for Windows by Eastman Software
is a viewer bundled in with Windows '95 and NT. It is a free download from It has been suggested to convert the fax image to G4 format first by the tiff library's tiffcp utility to ensure reliable display.
* viewfax by Frank Cringle
is a Unix/X11 fax (ie TIFF/F) viewer
* faxview.tcl by Ralph Schleicher
is a graphical front end to viewfax and as been the subject of an article in the Linux Gazette online magazine called Linux Fax for Dummies. Here is a screenshot
* QFaxReader

Other Resources on the Web

Advice and other information of interest:
* The TIFF Library website
Visit for development and stable versions of the tiff library, plus a useful tools overview and detailed instructions.
* TIFF File Format
Technical information on the formatting of TIFF files can be found at
* The USR Hylafax Page by Robert Colquhoun.
See for using US Robotics modems with HylaFAX.
* Setting up a PPP Server with HylaFAX by Nico Kadel Garcia.
How to provide a Login: for inward data calls; originally for Sun OS machines, and now available for Linux as well.
* Rainer Krienke's Homepage
Author of the latex-cover package, xferlog and faxprint scripts. Available in both English and German.
* Email to Fax Notes by Kenneth Tom. emailtofax.html and fax.html are part of Ken's pages on installing and setting up a FreeBSD 2.2.5-stable system.
* Fax Class 2 Developer's Kit by Multitech Modems
A PDF format manual for Class 2 fax modems is available at
* Linux Telephony Website for phone and fax news concerning Linux. HylaFAX is mentioned in their links page.
* email2sms by Adam Spiers
Two Perl scripts to convert an email into a compact form suitable for sending as a SMS message. Homepage at
* html2ps by Jan Karrman
A webpage to postscript converter written in perl. Homepage is at
* 2fax by Hans Harder
An ASCII to TIFF-F converter which can use PCX overlays. Homepage is at
* fax2pdf by Peter Stamfest
A TIFF to PDF converter. Homepage is at
* GhostPCL by Artifex
A PCL/HP parser for Ghostscript. Downloads are at
* vgetty by Klaus Weidner and Marc Eberhard
vgetty implements incoming voice call handling for certain voice-capable modems, notably ZyXEL. More information at It is loosely part of the mgetty+sendfax package by Gert Doering, the homepage of which is at
There is info in Q360 of the FAQ. Integration with vgetty remains incomplete.

Please note that vgetty and egetty are not required by HylaFAX in the standard mode of operation.