Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists for users of the HylaFAX software:


Subscription to all of these lists is now made via a web based Mailing List Management software at : This software makes it easy to subscribe, unsubscribe and also view posting statistics; but it is also designed to avoid spam postings. The first time you use the software it will send you an authorisation key via email. It is necessary to use this key to access the main menu - including setting a password for easier future access.

At some point in the future, posting to the main list,, will be restricted to those persons subscribed in this manner.

NOTE: There is no need to subscribe to both the hylafax-users and hylafax-announce mailing lists; postings to the announcement list are automatically fed to the normal hylafax-users list.


Archives of the (old) and (new) lists are available here: They are searchable, as well as browsable by Date and Subject Thread. It is advisable to browse/search the archive before asking a question on the mailing list.

Archives of the list are available at :

This is work in progress; there is no search facility yet, nor even automatic updates.

Posting tends to have a fair amount of traffic about the server-side software; if you are not running a fax server it may not be worth joining. Beware also that this mailing list has many people on it. Please take this into consideration when posting notes to it; i.e. avoid posting large trace logs and the such. Also, when corresponding about this software please always specify: For example: "HylaFAX v4.1beta1 under Linux RedHat 6.1 with gcc 2.91.66 and libtiff 3.4; Multitech MT5600ZDX with Rev 29.00 firmware."