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HylaFAX 4.1beta1 Release


The source code for the 4.1beta1 release can be downloaded from the link below:


(md5: 8b5aaf4bb412e47bb16b984e93d08514 1,362,935 bytes)

Warning - This release is a BETA release, please do not use in a production environment - it is currently only intended for testing and development purposes.

Installation instructions are as for the 4.0pl2 distribution, please refer to http://www.hylafax.org/ for further details.

For more up to date access to the source code tree may be obtained by accessing the CVS Server. For further details please read the CVS Page.


Below are listed the major incompatibilities with the 4.0pl2 release. Please review the Changes in Detail below for full details.
  • ModemClass to ModemGroup
    The ModemClass config parameter has being completely replaced by the ModemGroup parameter, functionality is identical.

  • Faxcover
    To work properly with comments some small changes to to some faxcovers may be required. if the faxcover previously used the BreakIntoLines function to print comments the protoype has changed from:
    <comments> <line-width> <line-changing-proc> BreakIntoLines -
    <line-width> <line-height> <x> <y> <comments> BreakIntoLines -
    If the faxcover used the commentX parameters, you will need to add the following function call before using the commentX parameters:
    <maxlines> <comments> BreakIntoCommentX -

  • Font Metrics are gone.
    The textfmt program can now directly read ghostscript fontmap files and thus find the corresponding afm files included in the ghostscript fonts package.

Changes in Detail

Here is a more comprehensive list of the changes since HylaFax v4.0pl2:
  • gcc2.8.x/egcs patch
    Newer c++ compilers, such as gcc 2.8.X and egcs are more rigorous in implementing the C++ standard. This patch updates some older constructs in the hylafax code so that it will compile with the newer compilers.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • stackbuffer patch
    Adds a operator= to the the util/StackBuffer class. Absence of this caused a SIGSEGV after sending a UCP page as the structure was incorrectly copied.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • tagline patch
    Fixes a calculation mistake when encoding the tagline on the page to be sent. This caused a small corruption on the resulting page where the tagline joins the main page.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • Fontmap/textfmt2.3 patch
    Allows the textfmt and associated programs to directly read ghostscript fontmap files. Due to the patch the afm files are no longer normally required in the hylafax distribution. The afm files included with the ghostscript fonts package is sufficient.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • hpux patch
    Allows hylafax to be built on HP-UX 10.20 systems
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • faxmail-close patch
    Prevents a SIGSEGV of faxmail(textfmt) on shutdown with glibc 2.X. This was caused by faxmail incorrectly fclose()'ing a file twice.
    Eloy A Paris eloy@ven.ra.rockwell.com,
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • newinit2 patch
    Integrates the SysVInit script with the faxsetup script.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • sendfax-coverpage patch
    Adds the ability to specify the voice no on the resulting fax cover page from the sendfax command line.
    Damien Ivereigh - damien@cisco.com

  • sendfax-cron patch
    Fixes problems with using sendfax in cron scripts under Redhat 5.X
    Yves Carlier - Yves.Carlier@barclab.com

  • xferstats-domain patch
    Jonathon Chen - johnc@pinnacle.co.nz

  • snppserver-regex patch
    Fixes to hfaxd so that it correctly interprets some regular exporessions in the etc/pagermap file.
    Chas Williams

  • large-killtime patch
    Trevor Blackwell

  • faxmail-loop patch
    faxmail can get into an infinite loop when processing MIME messages.
    Michael Salzmann

  • faxcron-error-report patch
    Small fix to faxcron so that it correctly excludes some errors from the resulting error report.
    Tobias Richter, Alan Sparks - asparks@cpd.harris.com

  • reducespeed patch
    Forces the class 2 driver to reduce speed on the next attempt to send a fax page upon receiving a negative retrain after the previous attempt.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • fixed Sportster config files
    Alters the 'AT+FNR' parameter to overcome common problems using the Sportster in Class 2.0.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • configure-redhat patch
    Nico Kadel-Garcia - raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu

  • modemclass-to-modemgroup patch
    Replaces the ModemClass parameter with ModemGroup parameter having identical functionality.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • roberts-faxcover patch(still needs some documentation)
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • xfer to xferfax patch
    Nico Kadel-Garcia - raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu

  • removed faxsurvey & associated html files
    Removes insecure faxsurvey script from html documentation.
    Nico Kadel-Garcia - raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu

  • fixed 'unsigned int' warnings on compile
    Fixes some warnings with sockets being unsigned on some platforms
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • added new configure.guess script
    An updated version of the configure.guess script to detect newer platforms.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • added fixed modem skeleton files
    Nico Kadel-Garcia - raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu

  • umc92144 modem config file
    Steffan Klipsh

  • faxsetup & make install bugs

  • First page is 5% size
    simple fix for 'first page is 5% size' problem with faxmail Fixes a problem that caused faxmail to disply the first page of a attached postscript file at fraction of the proper size.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • Tim Rice's Unixware fixes
    Allows hylafax to be compiled under Unixware 7
    Tim Rice - tim@trr.metro.net

  • Tim Rice's make package fixes
    Tim Rice - tim@trr.metro.net

  • New C++ compiler test in configure
    Updates the C++ compiler test in the configure script.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • zlib-1.1.3
    Replaces an older version of the zlib library with version 1.1.3. Also fix zlib makefile so that it builds outside the source tree.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • configure and code updates for glibc 2.1
    Alters configure to look in the correct places for some common functions with glibc 2.1. Also adds a temporary hack to overcome hylafax assuming ability to access data structures internally(fd_sets).
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • y2k leap year patch
    Fix so that hylafax correctly calculates the leap year in the year 2000.
    Ken Cornetet, Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • alpha-linux compile fix
    A small fix to overcome a compiler/macro problem on alpha-linux.
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • more configure fixes
    Checks for logout() function in headers, removes some 'extra' questions. Added more sensible logic to find the TIFF binaries.
    Phil Watkinson - pkw@elgro.co.uk,
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • fds_bits assumptions
    Rewrote util/Dispatcher to remove assumptions about fds_bits internal structure
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • socklen_t detection in configure
    fix to configure for better socklen_t detection for socket routines
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

  • fxBool to bool
    replace fxBool type with the identical but C++ standard bool type(not sure this was a good idea but anyway).
    Robert Colquhoun - rjc@trump.net.au

Last updated $Date: 2002/05/02 22:02:53 $.

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