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Q003: Which modems can be used with HylaFAX

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Which modems can be used with HylaFAX

HylaFAX is intended to be used with fax modems. Fax modems are not the same as data modems though most contemporary data modems also include support for fax communication. HylaFAX should work with any Class 1, Class 2, or Class 2.0 fax modem. Wherever possible HylaFAX works around known modem problems or restricts modem usage in order to provide a functioning system.

The following is a list of modems that have been used with HylaFAX. There are likely others modems that have been tried and/or are being used with HylaFAX; this list shows only those that have some form of support in the software or that have been publicly reported as functional (though beware that what is functional to one person may not be functional to you). Consult the Modems section of this documentation for known modem bugs and gotchas or follow the links in the table to find information for a particular modem.

Note that modems based on off-the-shelf parts (as opposed to custom DSP-based implementations) such as those produced by Rockwell are usually plug compatible when it comes to fax usage. HylaFAX includes configuration files for modems based on modem parts from Rockwell: RC96AC, RC144AC, RC144DP, RC32ACL, RC224A, and RC288DPI parts; Exar; and Cirrus Logic. Writing a configuration file for a modem that is not directly supported is straightforward.

Manufacturer	Model				Notes/Class
------------	-----				-----/-----
AT&T Paradyne	DataPort 14.4			 +	1,2
Boca Research	M1440E					1,2
Boca Research	M1440E/RC32ACL			 @	1,2
CPI		ViVa 14.4/FAX				2
Creatix      	LC 144 VF     			 o	2.0
Digicom		Scout+				 +	1
Dynalink	Dynalink 1414VE				2
E-Tech, Inc.	P1496MX 5.06-SWE			2
Everex		EverFax 24/96D, 24/96E			2
GVC		MaxTech 28800				1,2
Hayes		Optima 144, Optima 28800 		1
Hayes		Optima 2400+Fax96	   		2
Intel		SatisFAXtion 400e			1
Logicode	Quicktel Xeba 14.4			2
Motorola	Lifestyle Series 28.8			1
Multi-Tech	MT1432BA, MT224BA, MT2834BA	 +,*	2
Multi-Tech	MT1432BG			 +	2
Multi-Tech	MT1932ZDX, MT2834ZDX		 +	2
Nuvo		Voyager 96424PFX			1
Olitec France	Olicom Poche Fax Modem 2400		2
PPI		PM14400FXMT, PM14400FXSA		2
PPI		PM28800XFMT				2
Supra		SupraFAX v.32bis			1,2
Supra		SupraFAX v.32bis/RC32ACL 	 @	1,2
Telebit		T3000, WorldBlazer		 +	2
Telebit		QBlazer					2
Tricom		Tornado28/42				1
Twincom		144/DF					1,2
UDS		FasTalk Fax32				1
USRobotics	Courier					1,2.0
USRobotics	Sportster				1,2.0
Yocom		1414E					2
Zoom		VFX					1,2
Zero One Net.	ZyXEL U1496			 +	2,2.0
Zero One Net.	Elite 2864    			  	1, 2, 2.0
There are apparently many variants of the MT1432BA, the following models are known to work: MT1432BA, MT1432BA/A, MT1432MK, MT1432PCS.
/RC32ACL refers to second-generation products made with the Rockwell RC32ACL part and different firmware.
Modem is recommended for use with this software.
Use ModemWaitForConnect.
Modem supports the TIA/EIA-578 "Class 1" specification (see Class 1 Support for important information on system requirements for this support).
Modem supports the TIA/EIA-592 draft SP-2388-A of August 30, 1991 (see Class 2 Support for caveats).
Modem supports the TIA/EIA-592 "Class 2.0" specification (see Class 2.0 Support).

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