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Q005: What is the current version/status of HylaFAX?

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What is the current version/status of HylaFAX?

HylaFAX is distributed in two versions: a released version and a CVS version. The current released version is v4.1.5. The CVS version is usually numbered indentically as the released version except preceding the release of a new released version when "release candidates" may be available via CVS.

Released versions can be found at
For invormation on obtaining CVS versions, see

Released versions represent software that has been carefully tested on all supported platforms and is believed to compile, install, and function correctly (except where noted in the distribution documentation). Released versions take a long time to create and generally occur when the CVS version is stable and a worthy need arises.

CVS versions are test versions of the software that are distributed continually via CVS. These versions include new facilities and/or support for new systems. They are typically tested on one or two systems, but not always as thoroughly as released versions and not always on all supported systems.

See also here for how to identify which version of HylaFAX you have.

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