Section 0 : Introduction

Q007: Where can I get a binary/source distribution of HylaFAX?

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Where to get HylaFAX

HylaFAX is typically obtained by public FTP on the Internet. It is also available on a number of public domain and shareware-style CD-ROMs. The master distribution site for HylaFAX is the host

All the HylaFAX documentation is online on the WWW. Installation (source distribution) describes how to unpack and install the source distribution images. The HylaFAX home page is the place to go for all the HylaFAX documentation.

There are several mailing lists for HylaFAX users; see here for how to subscribe.

Using public FTP on the Internet

From (master distribution site)

The source code is available for public FTP on
For example,
    % ftp -n
    ftp> user ftp
    ftp> cd pub/hylafax/source
    ftp> binary
    ftp> get hylafax-v4.0pl2-tar.gz
Software is available in released form and in beta form, (none presently available). Beta software differs from released software mainly in the level of testing that has been done on non-Silicon Graphics platforms. Any files in the source directory of the form:
are shell scripts that can be used to apply patches to the specified <version>. Files with the suffix ".Z" are compressed with compress, files with the suffix ".gz" are compressed with GNU gzip.

NB: If you are uncertain about what a patch script does just look at its contents; there is a comment at the top that says what version of the software the script is intended to patch. The HylaFAX home page also contains a link to release notes for the latest patch file.

The <XX> sequence numbers in the patch filenames indicate the order in which the patches must be applied; e.g. hylafax-v3.0-patch-01 must be applied before hylafax-v3.0-patch-02.

Binary distributions and alternate sites

Many binary distributions are available on the master FTP site:[]:
These include: Actually there are binary distributions for the following list of systems. Each of them comes with an installation guide (INSTALL-*):








[This list may be out of date, check the FTP directory.]

Alternate sites that either mirror the master FTP site or that have specific binary distributions are:

NOTE: Some of these sites had binary distributions of FlexFAX, they will presumably have HylaFAX distributions soon.

SunOS 4.1.x binary distributions are available from:[] (???)

SCO binary distributions are available from:[]

FreeBSD binary distributions are available from:[] (???)

NetBSD binary distributions are available from:[] (???)

If you are unable to locate the materials you want at one of the above sites, consult the archie resource location service to find copies close to your system.

Obtaining the Software by Electronic Mail

If you cannot use FTP at all, there is a service called ``ftpmail'' available through a variety of systems including you can send electronic mail to one of these machines and the host will retrieve the requested files using FTP and then send you the files via electronic mail. To find out more about the ftpmail service, send a message to whose body consists of the single line ``help'' or check out this sample response to the help query.

Obtaining the Software Within Silicon Graphics

Internal to Silicon Graphics there are inst'able images on the host dist.engr in the directory /sgi/hacks. Thus you can do something like:
    % inst -f
to install the latest version of the software on your machine.

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