Section 0 : Introduction

Q011: What version of HylaFAX do I have?

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How to tell which HylaFAX version you have

If you have need to refer to this specific software, you should identify it as:
    HylaFAX v<version><n>
where <version> is found in the file VERSION and <n> is the number recorded in dist/hylfax.alpha. This string is also prominently displayed when you run the configure script to setup the software for compilation and each time the faxq scheduler process is started (look in the file where syslog messages are recorded).

If you have a binary distribution for a Silicon Graphics machine, <version> and <n> are displayed in "versions -n hylafax.sw"; for example:

I = Installed, R = Removed

   Name                 Version     Description

I  hylafax              1006004075  HylaFAX Facsimile Software, Version 3.0beta
I  hylafax.sw           1006004075  HylaFAX Software
I  hylafax.sw.client    1006004075  HylaFAX Client Software
I  hylafax.sw.server    1006004075  HylaFAX Server Software
Here <version> = 3.0beta and <n> = 075 (the right three digits in the Version column), so this is HylaFAX v3.0beta075.

If you have a binary distribution for a SVR4.x you can use the pkginfo(1M) command to get the version number and the PSTAMP.

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