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Q013: How do subscribe to the HylaFAX mailing list?

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How to subscribe to the HylaFAX Mailing List

There are three mailing lists for users of the HylaFAX software: Note that tends to have a fair amount of traffic about the server-side software; if you are not running a fax server it may not be worth joining. Beware also that this mailing list has many people on it. Please take this into consideration when posting notes to it; i.e. avoid posting large trace logs and the such. Also, when corresponding about this software please always specify: For example: "HylaFAX v4.0pl2 under Solaris 2.3 with gcc 2.7.2; ZyXEL 1496E with 6.11a firmware."

Note that there is no need to subscribe to both the flexfax and flexfax-announce mailing lists; postings to the announcement list are automatically fed to the normal flexfax list.

If you want to subscribe to any of these lists you need to send electronic mail that includes only a subscribe request in the body of the mail : When you have been added to the mailing list you will receive confirmation by email at the subscribed address.

NOTE: To unsubscribe from a list send an unsubscribe request like the above to the same mail address; do not send administrative requests to the mailing list.

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