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Q014: Volunteers to do binary distributions wanted!

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Volunteers to do binary distributions wanted!

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 15:29:24 -0700
From: Sam Leffler <>
Subject: volunteers to do binary distributions?

The v4.0 release is coming real soon and some of the folks that did
binary distributions of v3.0 are unavailable to help out for v4.0.  If
you are interested in helping other folks out by putting together a
binary distribution of HylaFAX v4.0 and can answer yes to the following
questions then please send me mail.

1. Do you run one of the following systems:
   o AIX
   o FreeBSD
   o HPUX
   o NetBSD
   o Ultrix
   o something other than IRIX, SunOS, or Solaris
2. Are you running a recent v4.0 beta distribution that you built from
   source code?
3. Do you have reasonable connectivity for electronic mail (if you ring
   up to receive mail you get it at least twice a day)?
4. Do you have time and feel comfortable acting as a "first contact" for
   problems specific to a binary distribution?

Remember that the goal here is to provide folks with binary distributions
that are simple to install and use.  I can provide an FTP site for the
distribution or you can keep it where you want it and I'll provide a link
to your site.  I don't tell you how to put your distribution together,
that's up to you--though I'm willing to offer advise if requested.  My
only requirements are that:

1. You must include installation instructions specific to your distribution.
2. You must identify yourself as the author and primary contact for problems
   specific to the distribution (HylaFAX problems should go the mailing
   list unless you care to answer questions yourself).
3. You must be willing to update your distribution if a serious problem is
   found (either that or not be insulted if someone takes over for you if
   you are unable to comply).

Basically all the above just comes down to packaging up a running system,
writing some simple notes (easy to crib from existing installation notes),
and then doing some low-key testing to make sure you've got something that

I track FTP statistics on and I can assure you that binary
distributions of HylaFAX are a hot item.  Putting together a binary
distribution is easy and really helps out folks so consider this your
opportunity to pay me back for the all the free work you've gotten from me!

BTW, I'm assuming that the folks presently doing Solaris and SunOS
distributions intend to do a v4.0 released version--if this is wrong
please let me know asap.


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