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Q101: Problems compiling HylaFAX on SCO Unix?

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Problems compiling HylaFAX on SCO Unix?

I'm having some problems compiling FlexFax on SCO Unix - in particular, I don't seem to have a netdb.h file, which means FaxClient.c++ and SendFaxClient.c++ won't compile. (This is with latest versions of SCO, TCP/IP and the SCO dev sys with gcc 2.4.5).

netdb.h is part of the TCP/IP DevSys from SCO and include in the Open Desktop Development System. It is not part of the standard Unix devsys.

I built flexfax-2.2 here with libg++-2.5.3 with no problems. I haven't tried the latest beta yet.

I have modified some of the system header files, and have patch files necessary to create these available on We also have flexfax-2.2 compiled there for SCO.

Date: Tue, 06 Feb 1996 23:51:06 +0100
From: Torkel Hasle < >

SCO Unix with TCP/IP 1.2.1 including TCP/IP dev.sys.

When compiling faxsend, I get unresolved refs. to tcdrain() and tcflow(). By include termio.h instead of terminos.h the two fuctions is redefines to ioctl, and the program links OK.

Torkel Hasle

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