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Q102: Why is faxq maxing out CPU?

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Why is faxq maxing out CPU?

... I'm running Solaris 2.4 X86. Compiled hylafax with gcc/g++ 2.7.0. When I first run faxq it does not max out the CPU until I send the first fax. From then on it uses 99% of the CPU.

Solaris 2.4 X86 (as some other Unixes) has the FIFO-select bug. This bug causes faxq looping select(2) after the proc writing the FIFO has terminated. The workaround is setting
in, removing port.h, re-configuring and re-building the faxserver.

BTW: There also other systems having this bug; e.g.: Linux kernels post 1.3.78

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