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Q104: SendPage - Parity options, where?

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SendPage - Parity options, where?

I am looking for assistance with getting paging to work with a provider whose paging terminal is 8 bits no parity. I have read in the archives that it is possible to hack the code to make this work but I did not find a reference with the actual code.

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 12:17:00 -0600
From: Robert Moyer <Rob.Moyer@MHDI.COM >

The following answer to my recent question about setting parity for pagesend was right on the money, thanks to Tom Szybist and thanks to others whose answers I may not have received yet.

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I didn't cc the list because I haven't tried this but line 794 of faxd/pageSendApp.c++ has:

        return (ModemServer::setupModem() && setParity(EVEN));

I believe if you change EVEN to NONE that will do what you want.

Check out ModemServer.c++ for the setParity routine and ModemServer.h for values of EVEN, ODD, and NONE.

This table is also in ModemServer.c++ so that also gives me some confidence:

static const char* parityNames[] = {
        "8 bits, no parity",    // NONE
        "7 bits, even parity",  // EVEN
        "7 bits, odd parity",   // ODD

Hope that helps

Tom Szybist

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