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Q109: I seem to be missing file "new.h"?

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I seem to be missing file "new.h"?

Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 17:40:50 -0700
From: "Scott J. Kramer" <>
Subject: Re: hylafax-v4.0beta020

On Aug 25, 18:35, Peter Mastren wrote:
> Subject: hylafax-v4.0beta020

> I seem to be missing file "new.h".  I can get by the configure problem by
> simply creating an empty "new.h" but then the build fails later while
> trying to build the 'util' subdirectory.  BTW, "make" doesn't stop after
> the compile failures in the 'util' subdirectory.

Looks like you're missing the libg++ header files, which include "new.h".
On my system:

    sjk@halo> locate new.h | fgrep g++-include

I'm not sure where they're normally installed on Linux... likely either in
/usr/lib/g++-include or /usr/local/lib/g++-include.


Scott J. Kramer					Cisco Systems, Inc.

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