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Q205: sendfax option -D not working?

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sendfax option -D not working?

Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:25:35 +1200 (NZST)
From: Phil Abercrombie <>
Subject: Re: -D not working

Good morning Tanya Ruttenberg (re: "-D not working")

> I just installed hylafax-v4.0beta015 on a solaris 2.4 machine.
> I built it using gcc-2.7.2.
> Apparently the sendfax -D flag is not working.  We are using an
> email -> fax gateway (a la dirk and bob's faxmailer with our own
> revisions), but just a plain old 
> sendfax -d 'Someone@14283342080' -f '  (+1 707 829 0104)' -h '' -r 'Steves Trip'   -m -D
> does not work either.
> Has this problem been seen/fixed yet?  I looked in the archives and didn't 
> find any reference to it.
> Thanks for any pointers,
> Tanya

How about the man page for sendfax(1)?

  The order of options on the command line is significant.  Each fax to be
  transmitted is assigned the current value of parameters specified on the
  command line; e.g. whether or not to generate a cover page.  This means
  that options that specify parameters for a particular destination must pre-
  cede the dialstring specified with the -d option.  For example,

       sendfax -n -d 5551212 /etc/passwd

  submits a fax to 5551212 that has no cover page while

       sendfax -d 5551212 -n /etc/passwd

In other words, you'd better put the -d 'Someone@14283342080' AFTER
all the other switches.


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