Section 2 : Client Applications

Q206: How do I keep private information off the cover page?

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How do I keep private information off the cover page? > This is probably a simple question, but I haven't been able to figure > out an answer to it yet....... We have a 6 digit ID that needs to > be plugged in for long distance calls (like a calling card). When I > use "sendfax -d "John Doe@4157779999,123456" the faxcover sheet has > my id number in the Fax Number field. What do I need to do to > prevent this ? Thanks.

Good question!!! We have the same sort of calling card number for long distance calls and users around here are concerned about making these numbers visible. They're supposed to be kept secret. We also want to prevent these numbers from appearing in any log files.

To keep private information off of the fax cover sheet and out of the publicly displayed information (such as the queue listings shown by faxstat) you need to create a dialrules file that's used on systems where HylaFAX client applications are run.

For example, if calling card information is specified as a trailing comma-prefixed number string (perhaps with trailing whitespace) then the following rules would strip it off when creating an displayable representation of the dial string:

DisplayNumber = [ ",[0-9]+[ ]*" = ! strip calling card info and trailing ws ]

Using the dialtest program to test out the rules:

% /var/spool/hylafax/bin/dialtest -v dialrules Define AreaCode = "415" Define CountryCode = "1" Define InternationalPrefix = "011" Define LongDistancePrefix = "1" DisplayNumber := [ ",[0-9]+[ ]*" = "" ] Warning, no "CanonicalNumber" rules. Warning, no "DialString" rules. ready> 4157779999,123456 input = "4157779999,123456" canonical = "4157779999,123456" dial-string = "4157779999,123456" display = "4157779999" ready>^D % The above rules must be placed in the HylaFAX client application library area on each client machine; for example, in the file /usr/local/lib/fax/dialrules.

Note that on the server the session logs must be protected to insure the unadulterated dialstrings are not readable by normal users. This is done using the LogFileMode configuration parameter; e.g.

LogFileMode: 600 # protect logs with calling card info

If the faxcron administrative script is run on the fax server machine, then it's also a good idea to shorten the AGELOG parameter that controls how long session logs are kept around. Either that, or the script could be changed to automatically strip privileged information once it's no longer needed for debugging failed calls.

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