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Q212: How to set fax receiver's name on the cover page?

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How to set fax receiver's name on the cover page?

Date: 28 April 2000 19:33
From: Lee Howard <>
Subject: Re: flexfax: To

At 04:03 PM 4/28/00 +0100, Toan wrote:
>Currently whenever I send out a fax, I have the following settings:
>sendfax -D -c 'Comments' -x 'Company name' -f 'email of sender'  -r
>'regarding' -d faxnumber -n file_name
>I'm trying to put the name of fax receiver's on the cover page (ie.
>TO: ), but was not able to.
>I've searched through the man page for sendfax and Hylafax archive but
>to no avail
>Does anyone know how to set the ' To ' ?

The To: is part of the -d option try
-d "Recipient Name@faxnumber"

Also remember that the order of options is important - in your example the -n will have no effect because it is after the -d option.
See Q205 in the FAQ for details.

Lee Howard

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