Section 2 : Client Applications

Q215: How to send HTML files?

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How to send HTML files?

From: Phil Watkinson <>
To: HylaFAX List <>
Subject: Re: flexfax: faxing HTML
Date: 11 February 1999 10:19
At 16:11 10/02/99 +0000, "Tim Pailthorpe" wrote:

>I want to fax HTML documents so they look like html pages not

First of all, fetch html2ps by Jan Karrman from :

It is a perl script and does an excellent job on any text/html stuff;
it will also tackle embedded images if you have ImageMagick and
PerlMagick installed.

Second, insert the following into the typerules file, just above the
bottom line :
# HTML support
0    string    <!DOCTYPE HTML    ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o
0    string    <!doctype html    ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o
0    string    <HEAD             ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o
0    string    <head             ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o
0    string    <TITLE            ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o
0    string    <title            ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o
0    string    <HTML             ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o
0    string    <html             ps    /usr/local/bin/html2ps %i >%o

Remember all this is at the client end (if your client is a different
machine to your fax server).

Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK

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