Section 2 : Client Applications

Q218: v4.0beta015 and fax broadcasting ?

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v4.0beta015 and fax broadcasting ?

Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 08:10:58 -0700
From: Sam Leffler <>
Subject: Re: v4.0beta015 and fax broadcasting

    Subject:  v4.0beta015 and fax broadcasting
    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 15:08:37 +0200
    From: (Matthias Apitz)

    We want to use our brand new toy :-) and do a fax broadcasting.
    The pages are:
    - 2 pre-formatted PostScript pages (containing customer specific
      information, e.g. the addr and fax number),
    - 9 pages TIFF Class F (generated by ps2fax(1M)), which are the same
      for each customer;
    I'm sending each job w/ the following command:
    sendfax -n -D page3-11.tif -d .......
    Is there a way to tell faxq(1M) to reuse the prepared TIFF Class F
    file in the docq/ directory using sendfax(1) like:
    sendfax -n -D -Q docq/xxxx.tif -d ......
    Sorry if I've overlooked something but I can't find it in the
    man pages. W/ the new hfax(1M) protocol I could retrieve the
    prepared file from the docq/ dir and reuse it in a new job. But
    this is not what I want to use (it does not save diskspace in
    the spooling area).
There is no way to reference a document already on the server using sendfax.
It should be fairly easy to do what you want with an ftp client program and
you can automate the procedure if you combine ftp with a program like expect
but I've never tried that (I just test things by manually typing in commands
using ftp or telnet).

I've been waiting for someone to write a client-side scripting language that
is sufficiently powerful to rewrite all the existing client-side applications
in it.


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