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Q220: Sending a few lines without cover page?

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Sending a few lines without cover page?

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 96 10:45:27 EDT
From: Glenn Burkhardt < >
Subject: Re: Faxes without cover page?

> From: Gerolf Joachim Starke 
> Subject: Faxes without cover page?
> Hello,
> I'm using:
> 	hylafax-v3.0pl1
> 	solaris 2.5
> 	Zyxel
> is there a way to send faxes without the cover page, or to send
> "cover" page and content text in one page.
> Problem is when I send just 2 lines text on a fax it receives
> to pages. Many stuff -;)
> Best Regards,
> GJ

Hylafax provides no such facility, but a couple of people have come up with
a workaround.  They write a script or program that takes the comments or 
content text, builds a coversheet, and then submits the single page cover
sheet with comments to sendfax, specifying that sendfax should not generate
a cover sheet.  For an example, see 'tkhylafax', available from"
[URL corrected, Matthias]

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