Section 2 : Client Applications

Q221: Howto use WinFlex ?

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Howto use WinFlex ?

Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 05:03:53 GMT
From: Laine Stump <laine@MorningStar.Com >
Subject: Re: hylafax+Mac+Win95

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996 10:37:24 GMT, (Bas Leeflang)

>We obtained also the client packages MacFlex and Winflex (.4a)
>I like the approach of MacFlex, where te network fax is 
>available as a 'printer'. This seems not to be the case with
>the win95 client winflex.

>Am I overlooking something with respect to Winflex? Or are there
>other options (i.e. software) that allows one to send a fax directly
>from your favorite word-processor?

>As I see it now, I have to print to a file as postscript, and then 
>strat the fax software, etc, etc...

No, you are definitely missing something. WinFlex works just fine as a
"printer port" which can have a PostScript driver attached to it, and
you can print directly from your applications to that printer.

First, run WinFlex and in the Settings dialog click on the Auto Print
checkbox and enter a directory and filename for spool files. When you
click Ok, WinFlex will ask if it should make an entry in win.ini for
your spool file; answer yes, then you'll be told that you need to
connect a printer to the spool file.

Next, add a new PostScript printer (QMS-PS810 seems to work for me -
*don't* use HP anything), and connect it to the *local* port which has
the name of your spool file.

Finally, setup WinFlex to run from your startup group so that it's
always there.

Now when you select the "PostScript printer" connected to the WinFlex
spool, your application will send the document to the PostScript driver,
which will convert everything to PostScript, then give it to WinFlex
which pops up a dialog to ask the phone number, and sends the fax off to
the server.

You may find you have better luck with the WinFlex available at* (unless someone has made
a new version in the last several months - I haven't read this mailing
list since sometime in March or April).

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