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Q226: Cannot create phonebook in whfc?

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Cannot create phonebook in whfc?

Date: 26 April 2000 10:14
From: Jason Bachman <>>
Subject: Re: flexfax: whfc phonebook help please

>I am happily running Hylafax on FreeBSD 3.4 -stable. I have two Win98
>clients that have whfc installed. I just can't seem to define a "File"
>type of phonebook. I add a phonebook name eg: phonebook and filename: eg:
>c:\fax\phonebook, add an create an entry but man, it just doesn't seem to

Stan, I found that the order that you enter the information is critical to getting the phonebook to save:

1. From the fax menu, select 'Define Phonebooks'
2. Enter a name to give the phonebook in the upper lefthand dialog.
3. Make sure file is selected, then what I do is click on the folder Icon next to the filename box. This opens up a standard win9x file dialog that you can select where to place the file, and give it a name. After you name the file, and select Open, it will tell you that the file does not exist, and asks if you would like to create it. Say yes.
4. Click on the New/Change button in the lower left corner of the phonebook window. This completes the phonebook (yes it's slightly backwards - click the new/change after entering all the information, not before!).

You can then click on OK to exit the window, and when you go into the phonebook it will show up as a tab where you can enter the numbers and information.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,

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