Section 2 : Client Applications

Q228: Using the RelayFax Windows client

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Notes for using the RelayFax Windows client with HylaFAX

I thought that I would send to the list my notes that I have kept from my HylaFAX installation and setup. The major goal in my setup was to reproduce and improve upon the functionality of a Windows product called RelayFax.

I was experiencing severe trouble with the RelayFax server. The client printing driver/program works well. This client sends e-mail with a TIFF attachment as the fax. Lines in the body of the e-mail define the specifics of the recipient and the cover page. The fax server retrieves this e-mail and faxes the attached TIFF according to the e-mail body information.

The trouble that I had experienced was the general type that you experience with Windows-based products: occasional crashes, hangups, failure to function, interference from other programs, and especially so when uptime was greater than 24 hours. I wanted to allow my workstations to continue to use RelayFax client, but with HylaFAX functioning as the fax server. Just as RelayFax server, I wanted to configure HylaFAX to deliver incoming faxes to a dedicated fax recipient.

Now, this is all pretty much standard fax-to-email and email-to-fax stuff, so none of what I have done is earth shattering, but given the poor set of available HylaFAX Windows clients available (I don't like the aesthetics of WHFC in particular), I think that using RelayFax as a Windows client to HylaFAX is a good combination. Plus, RelayFax uses its own SMTP client, which sends the fax via e-mail and allows remote locations or home-based employees to fax without having their own fax machine or networked fax server. By the way, RelayFax is copyrighted and a licensed product.

Because it was easy to do while I was at it, I enabled a simple email-to-fax ability. The attachment needs to be HylaFAX compatible (ASCII, PostScript, TIFF, etc) and the fax-to number should be the only thing in the subject line. HylaFAX sends the attachment as a fax to the number in the subject field. No cover page is generated, and the body of the mail is ignored except for the attachment. I have tested this email-to-fax gateway with Outlook Express 5, Netscape Messenger 4.?, and Eudora Light.

Relevant stuff: The server is a clone PC using an AMD K6-2/450 processor and ASUS P5A motherboard. The modem is an old Best Data 14.4 fax class 2 modem configured at COM2. I am using RedHat Linux 6.1 with the updates. The HylaFAX version I have used is 4.1beta1 (because I don't know of a beta2 RPM available and don't enjoy the errors during make and install when I don't have the appropriate compilier or such available).

Notes on customization:

Everything between the lines '%tom-baby's logo stuff:' and 'drawtext' from the default file creates the Silicon Graphics logo. Removing that code will remove the logo from the fax cover sheet. I used Microsoft Word printing to a file via the Apple LaserWriter driver to convert my logo to postscript code. There are some bitmap drawing definitions and setup in the prolog and setup sections which I added to and then there is a very large section containing the actual bitmap information itself.

If you use my version of you will only need to replace my bitmap information with yours. You can easily note this area by the header: '%% NOW THE LOGO SECTION OF THE FILE' and the footer: '%% END OF LOGO SECTION'. Word pixeling increments top-to-bottom rather than bottom-to-top as PostScript usually is, as well as redefining the print area to be the bitmap area which required the 'gsave' above the logo code and the 'grestore' and 'rc pagesave restore' commands below. I don't know much about PostScript programming, but I understand enough to get this to work. Trial-and-error was my crutch here.

Notes on un-implemented RelayFax features:

Notes on unimplemented HylaFAX features:

Notes on bugs or drawbacks:

That's about it...

Thanks for the help and for HylaFAX
Lee Howard

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