Section 2 : Client Applications

Q230: How does sendfax -a time work?

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why does sendfax -a not schedule the fax correctly?


+ The time is processed internally in GMT/UTC only. -> Timezone of Server OS must be set correctly (on suse you just use yast to set the timezone)

+ HylaFAX hfaxd accepts time from client in GMT only
Client must convert local time to GMT before sending time to hylafax! -> Timezone of Client OS must be set correctly otherwise client will not be able to make this conversion.

Have a look at sendfax -vv -n -a HH:MM -d 12345 file
There must appear JPARM SENDTIME yyyymmddhhmm
yyyymmddhhmm is HH:MM converted to GMT (by sendfax client)

+ HylaFAX hfaxd reports time in GMT/UTC or your local timezone to its client Client can ask hylafax for translation of timezones (or not)

There is also a y2k issue on older HylaFAX releases where the fax is scheduled one day to late if scheduled after end of Feb 2000.

Bernd Proissl

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