Section 3 : Running a Server

Q304: How do I make a prototype config file from a working config file?

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How do I make a prototype config file from a working config file?

Also, how can I set up a config.ppi file to be automagically selected correctly by faxaddmodem, for the Practical Peripherals modems? I don't know enough shell script to untangle the faxaddmodem awk and grep cleverness properly. And, in case it helps to set it up, here are the +FMxx responses for these modems.

Manufacturer=" (c) Practical Peripherals Inc., 1992, 1993." Model="PM14400FXMT [6R1]"

If you look at another Class 2 modem config file you'll see a comment of the form: # CONFIG: CLASS2: ZyXEL*-RTSTCTS The faxaddmodem script will grep for lines of this sort and select one according to the modem type (CLASS1 or CLASS2) and DTE-DCE flow control scheme. The glob pattern to the right of the CLASS2: is then massaged into a Bourne shell case statement and applied to the string "$Manufacturer-$Model-$FlowControl" where $Manufacturer is the string returned by the modem in response to a +FMFR? command, $Model is the string return for +FMDL?, and $FlowControl is either RTSCTS or XONXOFF according to whether hardware or software flow control is to be used. Thus, the above example matches all modems manufactured by ZyXEL. For your case, you can probably add a line like # CONFIG: CLASS2: *PM14400FXMT-XONXOFF though it would be good to come up with something that works for all PPI modems that share the configuration.

See also the prototype config file descriptions in faxaddmodem(1M) and hylafax-config(4F).

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