Section 3 : Running a Server

Q308: Ghostscript-imaged fonts look funny?

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Ghostscript-imaged fonts look funnny?

I've found that the default font used by textfmt leaves a little to be desired during the rendering process. I realize that this is more a ghostscript issue than a FlexFAX one, but I was wondering what other users of FlexFAX have found. [...] I tried using Type 1 fonts, rather than the bitmap ones supplied with ghostscript, and they don't look any better.

If the problem is occurring on the faxes themselves, make sure that the Fontmap entry for Ghostscript is really pointing to the Type 1 fonts. (Try feeding "/Times-Roman findfont" (substitute whichever font you're using for Times-Roman) to gs and verify that the path from which it is loading the font is correct.)

If your observation is based on a preview using Ghostscript 2.6 or later, try running gs with -dNOPLATFONTS (alternatively, you can add "Ghostscript*UseExternalFonts: false" to your X resources if you're previewing with X).

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