Section 3 : Running a Server

Q312: How do I force HylaFAX to set the tty device to mode 664?

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How do I force FlexFAX to set the tty device to mode 664?

I'm running flexfax v2.1.0 on a Sun Sparc, and it works fine. The only problem I'm having is that after I halt the faxd server using faxquit, my modem's tty, /dev/dialer0, has had it's file permissions changed to 600, so as tip won't work unless I su to root and chmod the file back to 664. Not a big deal, but kind of weird...

Look at the DeviceMode configuration parameter in hylafax-config(4F); it can be used to control the protection mode that HylaFAX sets for the tty device

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