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Q320: Area and Long Distance codes for UK users?

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Area and Long Distance codes for UK users?

At 14:21 19/03/99 +0000, Ian Diddams <> wrote:
>What do UK users of HylaFAX use in their config files for
>AreaCode, LongDistancePrefix ??
>The US obviously doesn't use the "0" prefix to dialling codes that we
>do, but then again we don;t have a generic long distance code (other
>than any number beginning with a 0 is deemed to need routing "long

Subject: Re: flexfax: UK users
From: Keith Gray <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 13:57:19 +1100

Well, we have similar dial rules in AUS... there is a man page for dialrules and a dialtest program. Set your LD code to 0 and your area code to 1205.

To test use...

/usr/sbin/dialtest -a 1205 -c 44 -i 00 -l 0 /var/spool/hylafax/etc/dialrules
...and you get a "ready>" prompt. Try entering a few numbers with +61-3-9874-0115 format...
and then try a a LD number starting with a "0". Finally test your own UK +44 gets stripped and your own 1205 too.

I spent an interesting half hour trying various combinations, and managing only to get the international code stripped off, until I realized I was using the default dialrules file.

To strip off the local area code from the dialstring you need to use the dialrules.europe file.


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