Section 3 : Running a Server

Q324: How to config ModemClass / ModemGroup?

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Re: How do I configure ModemClass to reserve a modem for inbound use only ?


Note! Note : The configuration parameter ModemClass was renamed to ModemGroup in version 4.1.

From: Phil Watkinson <>
To: HylaFAX List <>
Cc: Ste <>
Date: 08 March 1999 15:59

The ModemClass parameter does not define whether the modem is
class 1, 2, or whatever, but to define a name for a set of modems.

The correct syntax would be:

ModemClass:	"any:	ttyS[0-1]"

This would set the default fax modems to use for any job to be ttyS0
and ttyS1; leaving, say, the modem on ttyS2 to be used by HylaFAX solely
for inbound faxes.

If you have only one modem, or not interested in this advanced feature,
then delete the ModemClass parameter out of the modem config (eg config.ttyS1)

Phil Watkinson
Boston, UK.

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