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Q328: Is T.30 Sub-Addressing support in HylaFAX?

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Is T.30 Sub-Addressing support in HylaFAX?

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 10:15:53 -0700
From: Sam Leffler <>
Subject: Re: T.30 Sub-Addressing

    Subject:  T.30 Sub-Addressing
    Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 16:41:11 BST
    From:  David Brownlee 

    	Castelle make a thing about their system being able to route
    	incoming faxes based on the 'T.30 Sub-Addressing Standard'.
    	A cannot find any reference to this in hylafax, is this something
    	that is likely to be adopted in future, or just irrelevant?
    	(Or have I missed something!)
	<...stuff deleted...>

v4.0 has some support for subaddressing but it is incomplete and little 
tested.  Specifically there is support in the Class 1 driver for parsing
received subaddress info and for sending it and the Class 2.0 driver has
some support based on the ITU T.class2 spec but since no Class 2 or 2.0 
modems that I know of have firmware support the latter is not especially
useful (and obviously untested).  There is also very little support above
the drivers; the info gets passed around, e.g. you can set it via sendfax
and it gets percolated back up into the receive info passed to faxrcvd but
there is no good database for using this info to do routing (hacks like 
that currently used for the TSI would be easy though).  Most importantly
since subaddressing is a new protocol feature that is not supported in any
current fax machine its use is very limited.  I expect it'll show up in 
future machines but given that there are a lot of existing fax machines out
there without it, it's unclear how useful it'll be for a while.  Castelle
may have support for it but it's unclear whether you'll find anyone that
can make use of it except for another computer (in which case using fax is
silly; just use electronic mail--though it might be worthwhile in a "faxback"


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