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Q337: Re: BUG when device has name 'xxx_yy' ?

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Re: BUG when device has name 'xxx_yy' ?

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 17:50:34 -0700
From: Sam Leffler <>
Subject: Re: BUG when device has name 'xxx_yy'

    Subject:  BUG when device has name 'xxx_yy'
    Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 00:32:55 +0200
    From:  Alex Ongena 

    Hylafax 4.0 beta 18
    Linux 2.0.7
    I think I discovered a (small) BUG.
    I have a modem device that I called /dev/mod_yd.
    The first time the device name is read properly, but after receiving
    a fax and than queing one, FaxSend thinks the device is called /dev/mod/yd.
    I think that this is *not* an undocumented feature ;-)
SVR4 systems use modem devices that reside in a subdirectory; e.g.
/dev/term/10.  These device names are converted to "device identifiers"
by stripping a leading /dev and replacing all ``/''s with ``_''.
Because many people (myself included) got confused about when to supply
a device identifier and when to supply a device filename to certain
programs I made them interchangeable.  The result is that you cannot
use device filenames with ``_'' in them.  hylafax-config(4F) describes this
stuff and it is described elsewhere too but probably not in the HTML
materials--I will fix this.

Bottom line is that this "issue" will be documented but nothing will
change for v4.0.


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