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Q345: Amendment of faxcover postscript file?

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Amendment of faxcover postscript file?


Date: 28 April 2000 19:07
From: Paul van der Vlis <>
Subject: RE:WHFC &

Hello Stan,

>I have installed WHFC 1.0.7 on two win98 clients. I have installed the
> from the hylafax-4.0.2 distribution and all seems fine
>except the barfing on I have seen discussion about this in
>the mail list and it appears the answer is to make one's one
> Until I have the time, is there a I can ftp and
>install to get going?

I had the same problem. First I found some information in the FAQ what I tried making a faxcover with Word and editing the PostScript code. It works, but the result was not very nice, after very much work. A problem was still the comment, it worked only at the first line.

Now I am trying it using TEX. I am not experienced with TEX, but the result is 100% better and it worked the first time. Take a look at :
and you will find a very nice cover-page in LATEX format (look in the faxcover directory of the newest version 1.07). And there is no need to edit the PostScript code, because you can use the variables directly in TEX.

Paul van der Vlis.

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