Section 3 : Running a Server

Q348: Howto re-use failed jobs from the docq?

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Howto re-use failed jobs from the docq?

I want to be able to re-queue failed faxes,

Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 13:29:19 -0700
From: "Scott J. Kramer" <>
Subject: Re: "reuse" of documents

On Jul 8, 13:21, John Patrick Poet wrote:
> Subject: "reuse" of documents
> I have scanned through all the man pages which seem relevent, but I cannot
> find how to "reuse" a document in Hylafax 4.0 beta 15.
> I get an email message which ends with:
> 	    ---- Documents submitted for transmission ----
> 	The following documents were submitted for transmission and are
> 	available on the server for reuse until they are automatically
> 	purged when this job is removed.  Documents may also be manually
> 	removed using the faxrm command; consult faxrm(1) for information.
> 	Filename                 Size Type
> 	docq/             6583 PostScript
> This is fine, but how do I tell sendfax, or faxalter or whatever, to try
> sending that document again?  Do I have to rcp or ftp that document from the
> server machine back to the client machine, and then do a normal sendfax?

Here's what Sam had to say about that during alpha testing:

On Apr 8, 16:25, Sam Leffler wrote:
> Subject: Re: trying to give statistic on which page sendfax is on.
>     To:  hylafax-alpha
>     Subject:  Re: trying to give statistic on which page sendfax is on.
>     Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 16:10:46 PDT
>     From:  "Scott J. Kramer" 
>     On Apr 4, 12:35, Sam Leffler wrote:
>     > Subject: Re: trying to give statistic on which page sendfax is on.
>     One other question:
>     What's the recommended method of [re]submitting a job that references files
>     in the $SPOOL/docq directory before they're purged by `faxqclean'?  Can't
>     seem to find anything in the documentation about it.
> There currently is no command-line mechanism for doing this.  I considered
> adding a special syntax for referencing files on the server but figured I'd
> wait.  I was initially expecting some GUI apps to be built that would have
> support for doing this work.  Right now you can craft a job by hand using 
> ftp or similar to communicate directly with a server.  I'd hoped ever since
> I made the v4.0 code available that someone would get interested in writing
> a tool that had TCL or Perl or Python or something as the base command 
> language and extensions that handled the client-server protocol requests.
> Then all the existing command-line tools could be trivially rewritten as 
> scripts that were fed to this tool.  A tool like this would make it easy
> to do what you want.
> BTW, I made a conscious decision in the design of the new protocol to not
> support resubmitting a failed job.  Instead it's intended that you "clone"
> a resubmitted job directly from the failed job.  Specifically you can do
> JOB 
> to get a new job that inherits all the useful information from the failed
> job.  You still have to fill in various pieces of job state but it's a
> lot less to do than respecifying everything again.  This is the sort of
> info+rationale that I need to put in the protocol spec (but which I've had
> no time to write as yet).
>         Sam
>-- End of excerpt from Sam Leffler

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