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Q353: Fonts for HylaFAX?

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Fonts for HylaFAX?

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 12:26:43 -0600 (CST)
From: Leslie Mikesell <les@Mcs.Net>
Subject: Re: commercial postscript to fax interpreters?

> Ghostscript is limited somewhat by its fonts, which are improving but are
> kind of icky. Adobe has the copyrights on Postscript, I would talk to them.

Ghostscript 4.x claims to have much improved fonts over the 3.x version,
and either will happily image real Adobe fonts if you care to buy them
and drop them in.  Another message hinted at this but I'll spell it
out: Aladdin Ghostscript is different from the GNU release and is
available as a commercial product with support and custom programming
in addition to having a free (for some purposes) version.

Les Mikesell

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 96 14:05:07 EST
From: raoul@kerberos.cirl <raoul@kerberos.cirl>
Subject: Fonts for HylaFAX, was Re: commercial postscript to fax interpreters?

Aladdin Ghostscript has better fonts than the older ghostscript
versions, especially the version 4.0x fonts.  True. The freeware
ones, at least, still look somewhat icky after being translated
to fax. I don't know about the commercial version, not having seen
its output.

I've also got some notes about how to get ghostscript to
properly use different fonts you might have installed, included below.

   OK, here are my notes for re-configuring your font selection for
   HylaFAX and ghostscript (whose standard fonts are kind of sucky for
   things like faxmail).

   Get some fonts: I got mine from an Adobe font distribution to
   customers with Illustrator. You want the *.pfa fonts for UNIX.

   Designate a directory for them: I use /usr/local/spool/hylafax/fonts, but
   that easily could be a symbolic link to the real source

   Add a couple of lines to "", setting


   and add an argument to gs, to get it to look in your directory first
   for fonts and things.

	   -I$(FAXFONT) \

   Either read Fontmap and add links from the font files you want (such
   as Courier-BoldOblique.pfa) to the files named in the Fontmap,
   ( so that it finds your file
   first rather than the ghostscript distributed one, or copy Fontmap
   into your $(FAXFONT) directory and edit to change the table to point
   to your file instead of the standard ghostscript name (which is what I
   did, I hate those DOS names).

   Look out for the aliases: There are several that I had to reverse,
   since I had the aliased name and didn't have its alternate form.

   Test it on a few files, view them with viewfax and/or ghostscript, and
   you're in business.

			Nico Garcia
			Engineer, CIRL 
			Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary

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