Section 3 : Running a Server

Q361: Anyone done a faxback system?

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Anyone done a faxback system?

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 11:24:24 PST
From: Bill Fenner <>
Subject: Re: 2nd time: Anyone done a faxback system?

I use vgetty (part of the "mgetty+sendfax" package) with my ZyXEL modem to 
implement a menu system.  I configure HylaFax to think that all calls are 
voice calls, and implement the menu system with a hairy shell script and the 
"zplay" command.  Check out

It's long been my intention to make "PhoneScript" work with ZyXEL's voice 
stuff, and to make HylaFAX able to answer the phone as FAX if the voice getty 
exits with a certain status (e.g. "press 1 to send a fax"), but it's never 
been a tremendously high priority since I have fairly simple needs.


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