Section 3 : Running a Server

Q363: Waiting for modem to come available?

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Waiting for modem to come available?

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 96 18:12:28 EST
From: <>
Subject: Re: Waiting for modem to come available

The "split-device" trick doesn't work with Hylafax, and it is hardly
universal. The SunOS, for example, does it by adding a new /dev entry
with the MSB of the minor node number flipped (which is what you get
by adding 128 to the minor node number), and doing different things
based on that bit. But it does not come with that device installed:
This has to be done by hand, by an administrator.

Unfortunately, file-locking with /var/spool/uucp breaks if you do this
and use both names for the same line. And life becomes *very* confused.
It is vastly better, IMHO, to let Hylafax act as the line handler and
start up getty's as necessary, and use the vastly more universal
UUCP file-locking to protect the modem from two simultaneous uses.

			Nico Garcia

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