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Q363: Answer based on distinctive ring?

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I have a phone line with distinctive ringing, and I want HylaFAX answer one ring (the 'fax' ring pattern), and ignore all other rings; how do I set that up?

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:55:38 -0400
From: Jay R. Ashworth <>
Subject: Re: distinctive ringing

You need to decide which ring pattern HylaFAX should answer, and
determine what message your modem returns when it sees that ring --
which may involve telling the modem to look for distinctive ringing, as

If your modem does need to be told to pay attention to distinctive
ringing, you need to find the proper commands in the modem manual and
add them to ModemResetCmds in your etc/config file.

Either way, you need to find out what message the modem gives for the
ring you want HylaFAX to answer (connecting to the modem with cu or
minicom while calling the number in question is the most foolproof way
to do this), put that message in your etc/config.devid file as RingFax
*and do not configure a RingVoice message at all* -- the RingVoice
parameter is solely for sites which are using a voice getty program
such as vgetty to answer voice calls.

If you configure a message for RingVoice, HylaFAX *will answer calls
which produce that ring message*.  If you want a human to answers those
calls, remove that parameter from your configuration files.

-- jra
Jay R. Ashworth

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