Section 4 : Troubleshooting

Q404: What does +FHNG:2 mean?

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What does +FHNG:2 mean?

Sending a fax always fails the same way. Here as example log file:

Jul 2 14:07:00.42: [14040]: SESSION BEGIN Jul 2 14:07:00.46: [14040]: DIAL 8871896 Jul 2 14:07:00.46: [14040]: <-- [11:ATDT8871896] Jul 2 14:07:14.81: [14040]: --> [5:+FCON] <...stuff deleted...> Jul 2 14:07:30.43: [14040]: <-- data [2] Jul 2 14:07:32.13: [14040]: SEND end page Jul 2 14:07:32.23: [14040]: --> [2:OK] Jul 2 14:07:32.23: [14040]: <-- [8:AT+FET=0] Jul 2 14:07:32.23: [14040]: --> [7:+FHNG:2] Jul 2 14:07:32.23: [14040]: REMOTE HANGUP: Call aborted, from +FK or <CAN> (code 2)

The +FHNG status string from the modem indicates that the modem firmware encountered some problem--there is no way for the fax software to recover from this as the line has already been hung up. These types of errors typically indicate a firmware problem, though in this case the status code is very odd. The only thing I can possible think to check is whether or not the order of bits sent to the modem is correct. The probemodem result indicates that the modem understands the +FBOR command, so there should be no problem.

I would try other fax machines to see if the problem is repeatable.

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