Section 4 : Troubleshooting

Q406: What do I need to do to share a tty line between fax and data calls?

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What needs to be done to share a tty line between fax and data calls?

To use a line for outgoing fax and data calls the calling software must either setup the modem appropriately or HylaFAX must be configured to leave the modem in Class 0 (data mode) when it is not actively being used. To do this force the modem to Class 0 through the ModemSetupAACmd configuration parameter (this is known to be the last command sent to the modem during setup): ModemSetupAACmd: AT+FCLASS=0 HylaFAX will automatically switch the modem to the apprioriate Class when placing an outbound call. Inbound calls are a bit more of a problem; you must insure the faxgetty process answers the phone in the appropriate state; for example, for a Class 2 modem: ModemAnswerCmd: AT+FCLASS=2;A will switch the modem into Class 2 before answering an inbound call.

A more robust solution to this problem is to insure software other than HylaFAX always forces Class 0 when using the modem for data. This however may be problematic with some software packages.

For sharing the line for incoming calls the HylaFAX server must be configured to answer incoming calls using an adaptive answer scheme that distinguishes fax from data calls. For Class 1 modems this can potentially be done by the server. For Class 2 and Class 2.0 modems it is best if the modem supports adaptive-answer in the modem (typically this is enabled with an AT+FAA=1 command). It is also possible for Class 1,2 and 2.0 modems to use the adaptive answer support in the server to answer calls first as data and then as fax; see the descriptions of the ModemSetupAAcmd, AnswerRotary, and AdaptiveAnswer configuration parameters in the hylafax-config(4F) manual page. See also the chapter on Advanced Server Setup.

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