Section 4 : Troubleshooting

Q408: Why do my transmitted faxes appear squished at the receiver?

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Why do my transmitted faxes appear squished at the receiver?

I recently installed FlexFAX, Version 2.3beta on a Sparc IPC using gcc 2.5.8. I am using a Practical Peripherals PM14400FXMT modem hanging off my ttyb serial port.

When I send faxes they are printed on the other end in about half the vertical space they should take up.

I see these entries in the log:

Oct 23 14:44:05.42: [20266]: REMOTE best vres 7.7 line/mm ... Oct 23 14:44:05.44: [20266]: USE 3.85 line/mm and this looks fishy to me. I scanned a few back issues of the archive for this mailing list and see the same thing in other logs, but with no complaints of squashed faxes.

When I generate a tiff file and view it it does not appear to be squashed. So it isn't ghostscript to blame.

Any hints on what the problem could be?

This problem is caused by the modem firmware not properly implementing the Class 2 specification. Some modems are incapable of accepting an AT+FDIS command to set the session parameters between the time a call is placed and a page is transmitted. Modems with this sort of problem may ignore the AT+FDIS command which causes incorrect session parameters being used to interpret the page data (often resulting in ``squished pages''), or abort the session, returning a +FHNG: status message to the host. If you encounter this problem use the Class2DDISCmd configuration parameter to enable workaround support in the fax server (this support was added in v2.3beta036.)

You may also try changing flow-control from xonxoff to rtscts or vice-versa.

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