Section 4 : Troubleshooting

Q422: Problems with HylaFAX and incomming data call

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Re: Pb. with HylaFAX/Solaris 2.4 and incomming data call?

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 09:26:05 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Leslie Mikesell" <>
Subject: Re: Pb. with HylaFAX/Solaris 2.4 and incomming data call

> > Faxgetty is always best.  My suggestion is to disable all the port
> > monitor stuff for that line.  Let faxgetty answer your modem and spawn
> > a getty.  This is assuming your modem can distinguish fax and data
> > calls.  Using this scenario, I also recommend the "cua" devices
> > faxgetty.
> > 
> but here is the problem with this solution :
> If the caller has a modem with a speed of 19200, all is OK.
> If the caller has a lower speed, for example 9600, the 2 modems synchronize,
> but nothing come on the screen. This mean :
> Is HylaFAX supporting multiple speed detection for incomming call,
> and how to configure it for this ?

Faxgetty just kicks off your normal getty for data calls, so whatever
getty does should still happen if you give it the right arguments.

However, virtually all modern modems will do speed switching with
reasonable buffering and compression on the modem<->modem link so
you really want to lock the computer<->modem connection at the
fastest speed they can handle.  This requires working hardware
flow control on the computer side though, and may be hard to
accomodate with modems that need to use xon/xoff in fax mode.
The modems I've used (Boca, Multitech) can run at any speed
in fax mode with h/w flow control so I just lock the speed and
tell getty not to switch.

Les Mikesell

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