Section 4 : Troubleshooting

Q438: Faxgetty dies with signal 15?

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Faxgetty dies with signal 15?

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 14:06:25 +0200 (MST)
From: Matthias Apitz < >
Subject: Re: Faxgetty dies

Wolfgang Baudler wrote:
    >     I have another problem using HylaFAX v4.0beta020 on an IRIX 6.2 System
    >     (I think the same thing happend on an IRIX 5.3 System):
    >     I run faxgetty with the following entry in /etc/inittab:
    >     t2:23:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/faxgetty ttyf2    # port 2
    >     and the following GettyArgs Entry:
    >     GettyArgs:              "-h %l dx_%s"
    >     Everything works fine for some time until the faxgetty process dies
    >     without any reason. It should respawn through init I thought but it
    >     simply dies (there was no activity on the modem line) and never respawns.

    faxgetty is telling me the following all the time:
    Aug 25 01:01:35 6D:caravaggio FaxGetty[9471]: OPEN /dev/ttyf2
    Aug 25 01:01:35 6D:caravaggio FaxGetty[9471]: Purge stale UUCP lock
    Aug 25 01:01:40 6D:caravaggio FaxGetty[9471]: MODEM ZYXEL E2864/V 1.13
    Aug 25 01:06:35 3D:caravaggio FaxGetty[9471]: CAUGHT SIGNAL 15
    Aug 25 01:06:35 6D:caravaggio FaxGetty[9471]: CLOSE /dev/ttyf2
    Aug 25 01:06:35 6D:caravaggio FaxGetty[9481]: OPEN /dev/ttyf2
    Aug 25 01:06:40 3D:caravaggio FaxGetty[9481]: CAUGHT SIGNAL 15

Your faxgetty(1M) log locks like you have entries with
"respawn" and "off" for the same tty-line in your inittab(4F) file;
please check;


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