HylaFAQ: What does it mean to get CONNECT 19200 when I try to send a fax...?

Section 4 : Troubleshooting

Q450: Access denied...

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When I try to connect to HylaFAX from my desktop I received this error message: --- 530 User access denied.

Checking the logs I can see this error message from HylaFAX: Jun 4 14:41:14 faxserv HylaFAX[6442]: Access control file not mode 600; access denied. Jun 4 14:41:14 faxserv HylaFAX[6442]: HylaFAX LOGIN REFUSED (user denied) FROM

For both questions the answer is: hosts.hfaxd file permissions and file owner are incorrect. Doing ls -l $HYLAFAX/etc/hosts.hfaxd should produce output like this,

-rw------- 1 uucp uucp 445 Jun 3 16:27 hosts.hfaxd

So, just chmod 0600 hosts.hfaxd and chown uucp.uucp hosts.hfaxd.

Note: It's expected that a user login have been added to hosts.hfaxd using faxadduser command. For more information read man faxadduser.

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