Section 5 : Sendpage ~ SMS and Pager Gateway

Q502: SMS using UCP protocol?

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SMS using UCP protocol?

Date: 01 February 2000 09:33
From: Helge Oldach <>
Subject: SMS using UCP protocol

David Woolley wrote:
>> > It seems that the ucp protocol is supported .....
>> Not in Hylafax 4.0pl2. Where is it documented? Is that documentation
>:> available without NDA?

It is definitely supported.

in info/<pagingcentralnumber> does exactly what it says. And it definitely works.

See also hylafax(1):

       o  Support is provided for transmitting alpha-numeric mes-
          sages to pager devices or GSM mobiles using the  Simple
          Network  Paging Protocol (SNPP) and the IXO or UCP pro-
          tocol (for message delivery).
An halfway official UCP spec can be found at


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