Section 5 : Sendpage ~ SMS and Pager Gateway

Q503: Was is the idea behind SNPP?

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Was is the idea behind SNPP?

Am I wrong in thinking that the idea behind SNPP is that you *wouldn't* need to use a modem to dial out to make pager requests, and that they would be sent through the internet?

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 20:43:38 -0700
From: Sam Leffler <>
Subject: Re: maxconcurrentjobs

SNPP is a client-server protocol that is separate from the actual
mechanism used to deliver the page requests.  If you can find a
service provider that honors SNPP and is accessible directly through
the internet then no phone calls are needed.  HylaFAX can act as
a gateway between SNPP clients and providers that talk IXO/TAP (or
other protocols) so SNPP-capable clients can utilize services now
while there are still few SNPP-capable service providers.  There
are however limitations in this gateway capability caused by IXO/TAP
being a 1-way protocol (so, for example, it's not possible to do
some things based on a pager's capabilities).  It is possible to
add more extensive per-pager database information to simulate what
a pager service provider knows but I didn't think it was worthwhile
(but if many folks make use of the pager facilities then maybe
someone will extend/improve stuff along those lines).


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