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Q504: How to do Numeric-only paging?

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How to do Numeric-only paging?

Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 17:17:05 +0100 (MET)
From: Matthias Apitz < >
Subject: Re: Numeric-only paging

Mark C. Cooper wrote:
    I have setup HylaFAX 4.0pl0, and the faxing works great!
    I downloaded SkyTel's paging software (PC only) and used the same
    800 number I am using for HylaFAX -- it worked fine. I even tried
    using the same modem initialization string they do -- no worky!
    I am using the defaults supplied with HylaFAX (7bit, even I think).
    Q: What is the correct syntax for paging a numeric-only pager?
       (e.g. sendpage -p"pin" -n "555-1212" ??)

this is explained in the man page of sendpage(1): all options for
a particular destination must precede the page ID specified with
-p option; example: sendpage -n -p 4711 1234567890
("4711" is the pin and "1234567890" is the message);
    Q: I have checked the archives, FAQ, etc (I promise!), but there
       isn't much on numeric-only pagers.  Does anyone have any
       words of wisdom in this regard?


yes; just collect a SessionTrace;


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