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Q505: HylaFAX and Short Message Service in Germany?

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HylaFAX and Short Message Service in Germany?

Date: Sat, 5 Oct 1996 18:10:29 +0200 (MST)
From: Matthias Apitz < >
Subject: HylaFAX and Short Message Service in Germany - E-Plus

Just a note for HylaFAX users in Germany:

the German mobil phone provider "E-Plus" uses also the TAP/IXO
protocol for the SMS (as the German Telekom in "D1" does) and
HylaFAX v4.0 works perfectly out of the box w/ the SMS Centre;

the dial-in point of the SMS Centre is +49 177 1167 and all you
have to do is to setup an entry in spool/etc/pagermap like:

# D1 Short Message Service Centre (SMSC)
49171(.*) 01712092522/49171\1
# E-Plus SMSC
49177(.*) 01771167/49177\1

to send a message to a known E-Plus mobil phone +49177xxxxxx with:

$ pagesend -p 49177xxxxxx "Hello World"

The Mannesmann Mobilfunk Ltd. (also known as "D2" in Germany) uses
"UCP" as the protocol.


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