Section 7 : Postscript, Tiffs, Images Generation & Viewers

Q701: How do I print a watermark on my faxes?

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Thorsten Garrels wrote:
 >I'd like to have a kind of "static" graphic in the background of every
 >page hylafax sends. This could be a company-logo, for instance but as
 >well a complete "letter-template". Insteed of printing the text via a
 >printer on this template you should be able to "print" your text
 >directly on a virtual paper which already contain the company logo and

Date: 13 March 2000 18:46
From: Frank Terhaar-Yonkers <>
Subject: Re: flexfax: background graphic for every sent page

What you want is a "watermark." This little postscript snippet prints CONFIDENTIAL diagonally across the page:

/wp$y 792 def
/wp$x 612 def
%-------Customize Here-------
/font /Helvetica-Bold def
/pointsize 96 def
/text1 (CONFIDENTIAL) def
%-------End Customization----
/center {dup stringwidth pop
2 div neg 0 rmoveto} def
wp$x 2 div wp$y 2 div pointsize 2 div sub moveto
.85 setgray
font findfont pointsize scalefont setfont
45 rotate
0 0 text1 center ashow
Merge something like this (a exercise left to someone else) with the postscript sent to Hylafax.

- Frank

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