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Q702: Received faxes only 50% of original?

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Jörg Hinz wrote:
 > Hello!
 > I did a test: a drew a 10cm horizontal line and a 26cm vertical line onto
 > a paper and faxed that to hylafax.
 > When I use now the Microsoft-Photo-Editor and enable cm-Rules on it's
 > sides I see the horizontal line is exactly 10cm. Good.
 > BUT: The vertical line is just about 13cm than 26cm! That means the
 > received documents are half the height than the original. You see that
 > very clear when you send a page with text... it looks kinda funny, like a
 > fun-mirror...
 > I used several programs to examine the TIFF-Files, but the problem was
 > always the same.

Date: 14 March 2000 18:46
From: Carl <>
Subject: Re: Received faxes only 50% of original

This is normal. The problem is with Microsoft Photo Editor. Photo Editor expects the horizontal and vertical resolutions to be the same. This is not the case with faxes. A standard mode fax has near twice the horzontal res compared to the vertical res.

If you send the fax in fine mode you double the vertical resolution, and it will look better in Photo Editor.

Most image viewers on Windows do the same thing as Photo Editor and show a received fax the same way. I currently use alternatiff to view faxes on windows machines. It displays the faxes correctly, not half vertical size. It is a browser plugin and is available at and yes it's free.


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